Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sachan's birthday in Tokyo

Here's a treat from pappie for Sachan's birthday... a stroll in Tokyo. We visited some memorable spots in Tokyo that we used to visit before.
Ahhh... natsukashi desu! Nannen buri daro? Maybe it was tatay's first visit in Japan since the last time we've been in a place like Asakusa and Akihabara.
We stayed in New Otani Hotel in Akasaka, TokyoView of Akasaka from our room In Asakusa... a well-known Japanese traditional place in Tokyo.The Kaminari-mon gate... entrance to Asakusa ShrineNakamise Street......a bustling venue with different shops on both sides.Hozo-mon GateThe back of Hozo-mon GateFive story pagoda--- Goju-no-toTry your luck...Here it goes... Large bronze incense burnerPeople also burn their paper wishes in this large pot... and part of the process is inhaling the smoke or waving it to heads and bodies. They also believe that the smoke has a divine power... it heals illness and keeps you healthy. Throwing coins and making wishes for goodluck...then worshipping inside the Asakusa Shrine.
Asakusa Shrine......also known as Senso-ji TempleStroll in Akihabara...Yappa... lots of OTAKU around! Down town of AkasakaAkasaka Prince HotelHotel New Otani's Japanese Garden at night. Happy 19th bday Sachan!Last day in TokyoMorning breakfast at the hotelOur amulets from Asakusa ShrineBye-bye time...Sachan... enjoy your teenage life!

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