Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trip to Korea with Sarah

お待たせいたしました! I'm home! It's really been quite a long time that I've been away. So... here's some update of my escapades!
Last October 25 up to October 28, Sarah and I had a trip to Seoul, Korea. More than what I expected, it was a wonderful and memorable trip for us.

Sarah and I started our trip in Centrair, Nagoya...
...via Asiana airline
We're at Incheon International Airport ↓Night strolling in Myeongdong. There are so many live stages downtown. Rain or shine... they're still on!
Late dinner time at Korean Restaurant... Sinpo Woori Mandoo!Here's our order... Sonak bi chul pan dup bab & Sogogi busut bokkeum woo dong ... ahhhh... what so ever! This one tasted good! Imagine, I am eating with streaming eyes because the foods were really spicy! hahhh...haaah!
Rest time......in our hotel. It's in the heart of Myeongdong downtown.At the lobby while waiting for our tour guide that will tour us downtown. They actually took us to different duty-free and souvenir shops. Outside the Lotte Department Store!Lunch time... as part of our tour plan!...the bibimbap, Korean rice mixed with seasoned vegetables!good enough!Along Myeong Dong...After our day tour with the travel agency, Sarah's cousin Grace with cute son Ian and cousin Joy visited us in our hotel. Then, they guided as around the city of Seoul. Grace took us in Gyeong bok gun Palace, the oldest of 5 royal palaces in Seoul. Korean traditional movies often shoots here. Ohhh... here are the Pinoy local talents!
National Museum↓↓Year of the cow...anyone?!Some of the Korean traditional costumesInside view of the royal palace. Dawn from the palace groundCutie kid Ian... at their condo.With Grace's friendly American husband Bryan!A treat from Grace... A Korean style grilled meat...Yakiniku! We dipped it not in a yakiniku sauce but sesame oil with salt... and it's really yummy! After our dinner... Grace, Joy and a friend Rebecca-- who was trully good in bargaining took us to a night market at Dongdaemon.
The Great East Gate↓Amazing park at the center of the river↓Part of Dongdaemon market↓ On our 3rd day... we had Korean-style hot pan lunch together in Nandaemun with our new kababayan friends in Seoul!This was a treat from Annabelle (with his son William)'gonna miss this group!Thanks for the kind treat Annabelle... A visit to a Catholic ChurchThere are many Korean Catholics than in Japan!At the bus station on the way to Grace's condo Pork barbeque with sweet sauce... ...at street stall with free oden soup... 美味しかった! Dinner with Grace's family and friends. Thank you so much for the wonderful reception guys!
Night scene from Grace condo's balcony!Different kinds of Kimchi Time to go home... On the way to Nagoya Station.Wow... that was really a great trip. Sarah and I really enjoyed the Korean foods, shoppings especially in Dongdaemon market, the historical places but most all the warm reception of our friends out there... to Grace, Joy, Rebecca, Annabelle including Bryan and Ian... thank you guys for making our trip so memorable. We hope to meet you all again someday.
Please visit us here in Japan... Sarah and I will surely guide you all!
Mhwaaah with love to all of you!

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