Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A visit to Sachan in Niigata City

Our date to visit Sachan in Niigata City had just arrived! Papie and I visited our loving daughter last Friday, November 2 and Papie went back home to Shizuoka on Sunday, 4th while I went back home last Monday, 5th. Sachan met us in Okura Hotel were we stayed. Papie seems to like that hotel... maybe because we already had some bunch of memories in there since Sachan decided to study in that city.
Well... it's nice to meet Sachan again in good shape and she seems to be more mature and sensible... not bad, hmmm.
Okura Hotel NiigataBandai bridge
Strolling in Bandai City"Hoshii!" Dinner time... "Slow down... Sachan"!
Morning buffet breakfast Strolling in Apita
Furikura... this is fun!Sachan and I planned to eat yakiniku but we give way to Papie...
... 'coz he wants to eat at Chinese Restaurant......we never regret it anyway... coz everything were really delicious! Bye-bye time to Papie!
Autumn leaves at the hospital building of Sachan's university.Sachan showing their gymn where she played badminton.On the way to the beachWe're at the beach site......strolling... ...and waiting for the sunset.It's really gourgeous!
Pampas grassNight view of Sachan's place Cramming for her reportsSome collectionsBye-bye time to Mam'ie
... she went to bus stop to get her key from me and see me off. Niigata Station Obento... too much volume but yum-yum! This might be our last visit this year to Sachan in Niigata City... instead, Sachan will be the one to visit us here in Shizuoka City. Actually, two weeks from now... she'll be here in Shizuoka, then we'll gonna celebrate her birthday in Tokyo... well that's according to Papie!

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