Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas greetings!

Sachan told me that she'll be home on Christmas day... so that means I am free on Christmas eve coz my hubby will surely just spend his eve sleeping!
It so happened that Amie's son, Ryo was in Yokohama so we invited Liza and decided to spend our eve together. I think... since I got married, that was my first experience to spent Christmas eve with friends. It was trully exciting and enjoyable. Parang nakawala sa hawla!
We started our date visiting the Christmas illuminations down town. The three lolaaahs... hmmm...mada tiiitasss poh!I'm out partying with friends!Theme: Infinity brightAfter that... we enjoyed the Christmas live band show in KENTOS.
KAMPAI! Merry Christmas... cheers!
The next day... Christmas day... Sachan returned home from Niigata City. We spent our family Christmas celebration in Jolly Pasta! Yap... andon po kc ang kitchen namin! (ngek)! Then... we had exchange gifts at home. Wow naman, it's my first time yata to received Christmas gift from my daughter. Touch naman ako especially to her Christmas letter (sobs).

Lucky is Christmasing too...

Sachan's Christmas gift

Kuya Jo and Dang's Christmas visit at home... (or to Sachan?!)Our Christmas choco cake!

↓OMAKE from the Philippines!
To top things off... here's a photo of tatay with grand kids Emil and Kricel for Christmas greetings! Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!  By the way... to all you guys and buddies who remembered me this seasons... thank you so much for taking your time sending me your thoughtful greetings and even gifts... !

It's not actually the giving and receiving that count most... it's LOVE... the true spirit of Christmas!

Have a peaceful and blessed holiday!

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