Sunday, December 02, 2007

Get well soon, Arakawa san!

Our dear friend... Arakawa sensei was diagnosed of a liver cancer. Two days ago, he had an operation and was confined in Toyohashi hospital. With some of the Phil NAKAMA buddies-- Jo, Liza, Olive, Precy, Sarah and Ishigami san... we went to visit him in Toyohashi Shimin Hospital by car. That's almost one and a half drive from Shizuoka City... but we don't mind it... 'coz that's how much we care for this guy! he was trully a good friend to us and yes... we owe him a lot!
A stop over to Hamanako... behind is Hamanako Lake↓
We're glad to see him hanging tough! Our visit was full of hilarious and funny stuff. Well... that should be expected when this group gathered together! Our intention was to cheer him up during our visit... we hope his condition did not get worst! (^-^)v
Arakawa sensei's family was also around. I like this family... they're also game to ride on our jokes. Amusing! Thanks to their courteous accomodations inspite of our noisiness! Arakawa sensei! We hope and pray for your soon recovery... GANBATTE! p(^-^)q

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