Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas visit to Kuya Ernie

It's been a while since we last visited Kuya Ernie at Home Kizuna in Hattori. This time, we visited there as a group of Philippine NAKAMA-- with Kuya Jo, Amie, Liza, Lilia, Precy and Dang. As usual, kuya Ernie can't help crying as he saw us and greeted him with some acappella of Pinoy traditional Christmas carol.
He looks fine and neat in spite of the fact that he's getting old... but still pogi pa rin po! Just too bad to hear that he stick with his wheel chair already and he's getting hard to speak.
Everyone in Home Kizuna are trully kind... not only the staff but including the aged friends who live there with kuya Ernie are very helpful.
We also hand in to the staff of Home Kizuna all the important stuff of Kuya Ernie that me and Liza holding like passports and alien cards.
The group also donated some amount as support for kuya Ernie. Thanks to the effort of the Phil NAKAMA group!
Hopefully, we can visit him again on New Years vacation.
Kuya Ernie... Merry Christmas and GANBATTE!!! See you again!
Well... after the visitation... we all went to Tambayan restaurant for dinner. It's an "eat all u can" fair! Ohhh... Sorry kuya Ernie... we took advantage of you again m(_ _)m

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