Friday, June 20, 2008

An impressive Japanese restaurant

I was surprised to my friend Ohashi san's email last Monday. It has been almost a year since we last met and I am so excited to her invitation that she want to date me for lunch to a Japanese restaurant. Without any second thought... we decided to have our date today.
She picked me up to my home and took me to Cafe Namazu. The place is located in a mountain area of Mukoushiki, Suruga District. It is a very old typical Japanese house that the owner turned into a typical Japanese restaurant. What impressed me more is that the place is also a ceramic gallery. The owner also teaches pottery making.
↓The unique restaurant!
I love the food we ordered. It was so tasty... really terrrrriffic! The eating utensils are also impressive... it's the restaurant original ceramics!
↓Opppsss... this is not a broken plate... this is one of their interesting piece of art.The friendly... Ohashi san!
The small ceramic bowl was a gift from Ohashi san. I'm touch... she remember my birthday!
The couple owner of Cafe Namazu was so kind to give us a cute ceramic image of a cat fish. What a great souvenir! Actually... the named Namazu means catfish. I just don't know why they named the restaurant after the catfish!
I will surely go back to that place hopefully with Ohashi san again! Thanks to Ohashi san for the wonderful day and experience she shared to me.
Our next date will possibly in Vietnam... It's a restaurant actually!
Can't wait!

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