Monday, June 30, 2008

Hamada Matsuri 2008

It was raining yesterday but Hamada Matsuri, a community festival event in Shimizu went on! For 4 consecutive years... our Philippine NAKAMA group was again invited by Kazuma san to celebrate with them. We were asked to perform another round of Philippine folk dances. The event was held inside Hamada Elementary School's auditorium. Pandango sa Ilaw...
Almost all the featured event was held here... including the bazaar With Kazuma san and Saito san...
Phil NAKAMA group... heeey, where is Dang and Marissa!?
Kazuma san, Shimada san and company... oSeWa Ni NaRiMaSu Thanks be to God that our show was safe and sound. HISASHIBURI NI, we danced Pandanggo sa Ilaw. It was well apprecieted!
We had free obento for lunch. Kazuma san's ODEN was trully tasty!
The group also enjoyed the event's bazaar... what more could we ask?!
Once again... our group was again requested to perform next year.

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