Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday fun!

It's Saturday! I had a meeting with SAME staffs this morning at CCC. The meeting was a good idea coz we had the chance to meet other members especially the new foreigner staffs since we seldom see and talk to each other due to our different work schedules. Looking forward to another get together gathering in the near future... so we can have the chance again to discuss and develop some stuffs regarding the concept of our works.

After the meeting... we are suppose to have lunch together but I split already. I joined my family for lunch instead.

In the afternoon, I picked up Amie and Lilibeth coz we were all invited to have the folk dance practice at Maritess home in Marikane.

Aside from the dance practice... the main reason Maritess invited us to their home was that... it's her birthday gathering! Well... kainan na naman po!

It was surprising to see Joanna there. Maybe that was almost 7 or 6 years ago since the last time I saw her! As usual she's jolly and talkative! No wonder... why she and Maritess are still close (笑)!

I hope Maritess enjoyed her birthday... like we did. Thanks to the treat and omiages!
Next year ulit (^-^)v!

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