Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's my day!

Last June 26, Wednesday... was "my day"! I was wakened up by my cellphone rings! I received a lot of texts greetings... ang sarap talaga pag-birthday lalo na kung marami ang nakakaalala... feel ko na importante rin pala ako! To all my families and friends who always keep remembering me especially on special occasions like birthdays ... maraming salamat po!
A birthday drawing message from my 3 years old nephew... Emil I spent "my day" just like my other ordinary days but I still did not miss to prepare some noodles as a birthday tradition... I prepared soumen for dinner! Certainly unique... isn't it!A birthday present from Royal Host!

I did my birthday celebration gathering today, Saturday in my house. According to weather forecast, it will be cloudy and rain today but I was blessed with a fine day!
↓Here's one of the birthday cakes that I received from my friends ↓ A lovely birthday roses from Liza!↓Belinda led my birthday prayer.
I made an effort to prepare about 8 menu for the gathering. In addition to it, Belinda brought some leche plan and bopis. She also cooked my pansit bihon. Sarah surprised me with her biko... sinok mani daw yon sabi nina Tita Lilia and Amie! What so ever... mas maraming handa... the better and I am glad that my friends and family had good compliments on our foods.
The gathering was a garden party like! Mommy said it was like a compound party in the Philippines! (^-^)vSome of our friends who joined my private event!The bonding of friends!We had fun!Our kitchen is also packed!I started the gathering at noon... but friends still coming till late afternoonMatira... matibay! ↓Some of the gifts I received... thanks to all the donors! hehehe!
Some friends also brought and shared some cakes and some home made sweets...
Courtesy of Leah... a yummy Goldilocks' chocolate flavored cake... NATSUKASHII!

Chocolate cake from Lilibeth... may my three wishes comes true x(^-^)x

The gathering was a blast! Thanks to all of my friends who took time to join the event. You all made it fun and memorable!

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