Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sri Lancan Curry

All I know about curry is that it is a kind of dish with some spices and it's root was from India.
Well... talking about curry, I was invited today at SAME office to join their lunch session regarding curry tasting experiment. It was Sadjit curry, an origin from Sri Lancan.
As I entered the office, I felt I was in India. The delicious smell of curry spices was all around the office! There are many kind of curry sauce prepared on the tables with some other dishes like chicken, meat, shrimps and even omelletes. All the invited friends were asked to mix curry sauce in 2 to 3 other dishes. Then figure out what's the best curry mix for us.
As for me... I like the mixture of squash sauce curry and the spicy shrimps or spicy pork. Good combination of sweet and spicy! Taste familiar with Philippines "Ginataang Kalabasa sa Hipon"!
All the curry dishes are best mixed with mizuna or the potherb mustard with coconuts. It is also advisable to eat curry dish with Thai rice!
I have tasted enough... from sweets to hot curry and that was satisfying!
Sadjit is actually operating a curry restaurant, named Sahiru 17 thru his moving mini bus. If you want to taste Sadjit's Sri Lancan curry... try to catch him especially on every first Saturday of the month along Kanebo doori or from Shizuoka JR Station up to Minami Kansen.

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