Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Until we meet again

We have a saying that... Friends come and go, but leave footprints on your heart.
↓Here's Chat with Yu chan...on her version of ichi, ni ... saaan! They visited us at SAME yesterday to bid for goodbye. They'll transfer to Hyogo from August already. 'gonna miss them a lot. I have many good memories with Chatty! How can I forget her kakalogan! Chatty... where ever you go... you will always be a friend and a younger sis to me. Don't forget our happy good old days huh! Take care of your self and your family. We might be miles away in distance but we will surely see each other again! Just don't surprise me if by that time... Yu chan is totally speaking in english already! Mhwaaah! (^3^) Aside from Chat... tonight, SAME staff with the City International Division had a soubetsu kai-- it's a farewell party for our friendly Japanese staff Naomi chan and the Indonesian staff Evi chan. 'gonna miss them too! Working with them was fun and I learned so much from them too. To Naomi chan and Evi chan... please always visit us at SAME office! We'll be waiting! ↓With the smiling face, Naomi chan... she's expecting a baby on October. 'can't wait! My favorite in Nakajimaya's Cross Roads buffet restaurant↓Miss you all... friends! Good luck! 'till we meet again...

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