Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abe River Fireworks Exhibition 2008

This year, the annual Abe River Fireworks Exhibition was held yesterday night! Absolutely... present na naman ako! This year I went to watch the event with Sarah, Ai, Aya, Yuta, Liza and Amie. We all went there in JINBEI attire!

Before the exhibition began...Our food sharing!We caught in the act Mari on the way to the event walking with her cute BF?!Fun with fan!Displays of fireworks!spectacular!dazzling colors!pretty exciting!breathtaking!After the exhibition!
I received some reservation seats inside the city reservation area and credit card related company area but we prefer the top slanting area outside where we watched the event last year. We had a good spot of viewing fireworks even or while we were all lying down!
That was one of my good summer evening!

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