Sunday, July 20, 2008

An unusual incident

While cleaning this morning, I found this forgotten pair lunch coupon in the kitchen. Actually, it's a gift from Nissan company when we happened to bought our Serena car last spring.
I don't know why but I became curious to open the coupon's envelop and upon reviewing it's deadline... I am surprised to know that it's due date was today. So... I invited in a hurried my hubs to have a lunch today in Hotel Associa Shizuoka or else it would be a terrible waste! It's in a Chinese restaurant of the hotel at the 2nd floor. We were about to enter the restaurant when suddenly, an unusual incident occurred. There were bunch of firemen, policemen, emergency staffs flocked inside the hotel followed by an announcement to all people inside the hotel to evacuate the hotel due to leaking gas. We all went out from the hotel and we waited outside. It took some times to recover everything. It seems that there was someone who tried to committ ( or was it committed?) suicide with gas inside the room of the hotel. It took about more than an hour to clear up everything but we kept on waiting. Our coupon's was due today... so all we had to do is to wait! I need to be smart on waiting because this one is for free (^-^)v Well... after the incident, we were asked to go back. Finally we had our free lunch... not courtesy from the incident but from the coupon! It's a course Chinese lunch... and thanks God we waited! The foods were really yummy! No regret for waiting so long... thanks to Nissan company for the treat!

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