Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maritess Summer Live!

Yesterday, we had a successful event held in Garden Cafe, Life Time... the "Maritess Summer Live" . This event were produced by the Philippine NAKAMA and Maritess Summer Live committee. We are so thankful to all who patronized, supported and cooperated this event.
Actually, about 3 weeks ago before the event... our tickets were all sold out!
The live performances were so amasing... the band were so amusing and great!
The season was hot... but the live performances were cool!
My EIKAIWA class watched the show↓
The Phil NAKAMA officers as receptionists Souvenir pose with Master Kubota and Tencho of Life TimePeace! Uncle Jo did his debut! The amasing band!
Maritess, our very own jazz vocalist↓Some words from Philippine NAKAMA as one of the producer of the live event. I represented the group to do the talking... wooow... that was filled with tension! I kept on talking not knowing that I am running out of time already! Anyway... again... thanks to all your support!Maritess singing her original song... Easy to Remember!Dancing with the rhythm!
Uncle Jo's special number duet with Maritess! 'loved their "Cuando, cuando"!

"You've got a friend" ... the finale!

Our NAKAMA friendsMy boss with her wifeOur family!Ryuta Sakamoto's Kool maD Groove CD is cool!Part of the live's earnings was donated to the fund and scholarship program of Phil NAKAMA.
After the event... we all had the job well done party but unfortunately, Maritess with the band group and the Phil NAKAMA group gathered on separate omise. They had their reservation in Izakaya while we had ours in Tambayan Restaurant. Thanks to Leah and Dina for providing us an eat all you can dinner!
After our dinner... part of the group joined Lilibeth, Marivel, May and others to disco in Etti.
To my curiosity, I joined the group because it was my first time to Etti.
The dancing floor is big compared to Flyte Tyme. There was a Latin affair that night, so all the dances were in Latin way... arrrrrrriva rrrrriva aaaaaandare!
Latin affair showcase in Etti Disco
pooped out!wrecked!Dance... dance... dance to swept your stresses! Hilarious dance from Sarah and Oayagi san!That was a night... I really had a good time!

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