Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip to Ooma

As a member of Aoi Ku Konwakai or Aoi District Forum, part of our research activities is that ... we had this field trip in Ooma. It's a mountain part of Aoi District. The place was too far from the main city. We travelled there by mini bus for less than two hours and on the way near to Ooma, some part of the road is risky... it's steep and narrow. Besides, if you don't have or can't drive a car... it's hard for you to go there because there's no bus that gets in there not unless you have the guts to walk for about 2 hours from (?) sorry folks... forgot to memo the exact name of the place. In short, the access in there is difficult.
Anyway... on the way there, I enjoyed the amasing nature from Warashina to Ooma. The river is perfect for picnic, playing in water or even fishing... though if someone is interested to go on river fishing... you need to apply for a permit.
↓ Along Kiyozawa... many years ago, my family used to picnic and fishing AYU here!
Stop over at Kiyosawa where we ordered our OBENTO courtesy of the District General Office of Shizuoka.

Some view of Kiyozawa

One of those small red bridge

Another stop over ...

View from the restaurant

The out door part of the restaurant... an overview of the river

Our mini bus waiting for us

This is the hot spring facility

On the way to Ooma... taken from my very window! Too steep... too close...

Sooo... upon reaching Ooma... well, it is a typical village and I love the place. It's nothing in there as what we can find in the city ... but the nature and farms are so abundant, the air is so fresh, the people are friendly and the way of living is trully simple as in typical rural area. What amazed me most is that I found out that there is a Japanese tea plantation village in Aoi District! Yap... it's all up there in Ooma!

Ooma Jinja

Typical house in Ooma

On our way to exploring the village

It's green tea plantation everywhere

onions and other stuffs hanging out to dry

Here's the Japanese Tea Cafe. If you take a rest and have a sip of tea... well, below is one of the place. It's not for free so if you pay, you have to put about 100 to 300 yen to the Tea Cafe money box!

Below is one of our member interviewing the old couple of the village. They said that this village is about 600 years and their home is about 150 years old!Courtesy of the tea cafe's okaasan... her home made side dishes!

Original tea from Ooma

cute flowers and butterfy!

We are going climb up there to the tree house↓On the way up to the tree house View from up mid part of the tea plantationThe tree house... we are almost there!There is also a library house on top of the tea plantation Inside view of the libray!We reached the tree house tea cafe!Seems I'm in Bagiuo again!Posing with some of my co-members and our leaders!Upper part↓ The tree resting veranda!
The meeting and orientationMore of the nature... it's getting cloudy!Our OBENTO for lunch! We had our lunch at the mid of tea plantation! The over view!Shitake plantation On the way home
The road guide has also ROMAJI... It's a manner for all to protect the nature!Well... all I can say is that if you want to escape from your busy world downtown... and you want to temporary relax and have some peaceful atmosphere... this Ooma is one of the place to go! The tea village in Aoi District!

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