Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OBON 2008

OBON is an annual buddist celebration for the return of the spirits of the departed families here in Japan. They usually held this tradition on the mid of July but some regions celebrate it on the mid of August.
In our house, we usually celebrate this tradition on the 2nd week of July. We offered variety of fruits and foods in front of the butsudan or the buddist family altar. We decorated it with flowers and lanterns. The buddist drop by at home last Friday for the prayer offering.
We visited the grave of giigii, my late father-in law last Saturday.
I was too busy with my activities lately so I missed to join my hubs on the mukaebi or okuribi for giigii and lucky (?)this year. Mukaebi are lits at the entrance of the houses to guide the spirits of the departed families while okuribi is to guide back home the departed spirits.
Our OBON at home lasted today.

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