Sunday, August 03, 2008

Barely in time?!

Maritess invited us to watch her performance with Swing Herb at Street Jazz Festival Event in Aoba Symbol Road.
After my car washing and shower... Amie and I went there. It's Maritess birthday so on the way to Aoba, we dropped by to Isetan flower shop to buy her some roses.
We proceeded to Aoba...and oh! thanks God... we were just in time... to see her last performance!!!

Well, after meeting Tess, sensei and the rest of our acquaintances out there... Amie and I went back to Isetan to check the summer sales! It's not sale but I am hardly amazed to Anna Sui items like hats, bags, shoes...even dresses! Thanks I'm not slim and I have no money... or else... I will set aside my age and buy an Anna Sui dress! LOL!

Still I have one target... the Anna Sui sun glasses! I'll be back for it... promise!

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