Monday, August 04, 2008

Driving in Umegashima

It was a sunny Sunday yesterday! Uncle Jo and Belinda took me for a drive in Umegashima to check the camp site wherein we are going to held our overnight camp event this coming week end! It's about one hour drive from the main city. We enjoyed the nature while climbing up to Umegashima. There are some tough roads and I felt anxious if I can manage to adjust driving on it this week end! Well... if uncle Jo made it... I bet I can make it too! p(^-^)q

↓Reception log house of Umegashima Camp site Our target place to camp
Toilets, sinks, cooking area are all around the site!Some of the campers↓Rental tent, good for six members↓After our visit to the camp... we went up to Umegashima Onsen site... below was taken in Kogane no Sato. We had our lunch here↓↓Typical Japanese lunch... taste and prize is sooo reasonable! We'll be back on Saturday, Sunday... Umegashima!

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