Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer in Disney

We're still in summer vacation! Well, the last spot of our summer vacation was again spent in Tokyo Disney Resort last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's not only because Sachan loves Disney but we are new to this Tokyo Disneyland Hotel which opened last July. It is located in front of the Disneyland Station. The hotel is a Victorian architectural style!
Another new thing to our family was spending our Disney trip with Sarah and Yuta! It was actually our 2nd time with Yuta in Disney when he was 5 years old but our first time with Sarah!
↓Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Entrance
Lobby↓On our way to Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel facing Disneyland themepark Disney is celebrating it's 25th year anniversary this year! Our hotel room!
Yeah! Extra cool... shower on the ceiling! Back to Disneyland!
Preparing to get wet!
Goofy is back to fix the plumming in Cinderella Castle Water everywhere!
Sachan carried Yuta in her arms so he could see the show... good girl!We're all wet!
such a kid...Sarah's favorite Pooh!Dinner at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall It's Sachan's lucky day! She got this reserved seats for Starlight Dream show by drawing lots!↓Here's our reserved seat... ...central viewing area! Summer night entertainment...
...starlight dreams! Mind if I join you kids?!Time to sleep!
Starting our day in Disney Sea
Hats are hots!Our breakfast... and lunch?! Chip and Dale cool service thru Transit Streamer Line!
Again... we are wet!!! ...all drenched in!Arabian coast
Mermaid Lagoon
Another cool service...
But everyone enjoy being wet!
Rest time Peace!
Mom and daughter in pair JINBEI! Enjoying our curries at Casbah Food Court.
At the mysterious island
wrecked ship
at a glance...The Aquasphere at night! View of the hotel garden from our room windowBuffet breakfast at the hotelVisiting the garden Packing up!Front view of the hotelWe had 3 days great summer fun together! Sarah told us that she had a great experience too! She had been to Disneysea many times but it was her first experience to rode on Indi Jones rides which she enjoyed a lot. We took a ride there twice!
We rode many attractions, watched some parades and show, enjoyed the splashing waters, roamed some restaurants, did some shopping, walked and yelled a lot! No wonder... we're all so tired and part of our bodies were all aching! (^-^)d

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