Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Over night Camping in Umegashima

In connection to Phil NAKAMA's 7th anniversary celebration, we decided to held the celebration thru an overnight camping in Umegashima Camp Site last weekend, August 9-10.
This was a new experience to our organization but it turned out to be a great and memorable summer!
We had pot luck lunch as we arrived the camp site!The rain was showering from time to time but still everything went in order!Everyone worked together!
Everyone worked harmoniously!Even the kids had fun!↓Below was the main event of the ceremony where uncle Jo led the greetings. We also celebrated the birthdays of our good co-members... Liza, Belinda and Marissa. KAMPAI!

We enjoyed our foods and drinks... it was really a night of celebration! Camp won't be complete without pork and chicken barbeque... and grills of fishes and squids↓Kids and even adults enjoyed the HANABI or fire works too! ↓Even... onsen shower was good! Yap... we are in jinbei!Part of the celebration night was the games. Uncle Jo and I led the game with Amie and Liza. Below was the mother and child game!Hep, hep... hurray game!The kids loves the hep...hep... hurray game too!Grouping game... this one is my favorite... thru this game... you'll find out who your true friends are! Good morning... Breakfast time!PictorialsWe're ready to go... Great camp! We did enjoy it inspite of the very busy sched! Sana maulit ulit... and if possible... about two nights stay naman! We are so thankful to all the members, families and friends who joined this camp. Thanks for the cooperations and support of everyone.

Happy 7th anniversary to Phil NAKAMA! Good luck and more power to the group!

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