Sunday, January 10, 2010

First activity of the year... our bamboo dance!

Another hectic day for me! Actually, Doi sensei invited the Phil NAKAMA group about three months ago to perform bamboo dance at the 20th anniversary of Shimizu Nihongo Koryuu no Kai . The group accepted the invitation for the fact that we owe Doi sensei and company a lot and likewise... this is another good chance for us to promote Philippine culture.
Oh well... so the event was yesterday... it was held in Marine Building in Shimizu District.
Since the group has no rehearsals for about 3 months i think... we all decided to go to the venue early in the morning for bamboo dance practice.
Sooo... we all woke up early, I picked up all my co-members and I we drove down to Shimizu. We did the polishing of the dance on stage. It's quite complicated coz we need to adjust our choreograph coz on the last minutes... we're informed that Amie and Maika can not able join us. Anyway, the group cooperation was just fine so we were able to adjust and settle everything.
Another complicated situation i had that time was that Sachan will be back to her university after lunch... yes, her New Year vacation was over! I did panic when i was informed on the spot that our program dance number will be the last one at about 2pm... waaaah! How can i go with hubs and Sachan in station if our dance performance will be in the afternoon? But I need to go to station coz that's how it should be... family first!
Well... after some phone talks with Sachan... she finally decided that she'll wait a lil later. Oh thanks gosh... so after our dance number... i rushed to my car with my co-members and we drove back home. We escaped from the event which was supposed to end by 4pm. Escape with concent coz we told to Doi sensei my situation. We were in a hurry to meet Sachan before 3pm...but the more we hurried... the more the roads gets crowded! grrrr... well, anyway... the good thing is i was able to go to station with her... but sad to say... hubs needed to hurry back home coz lola will arrived from day center. heheh. in exchange ... liza went with me up to the station's platform of shinkansen or bullet train to see Sachan off.
So... here we are at the event with Doi sensei... before the event started. SBS TV personality on speech remarksJapanese speech contest was also held... Lei represents the Philippines talking about her experience as a mom in Japan ... and oh... she speaks so sweet and gentle... heheh! Cutie... Maika chan... her feet was in pain from skiing so she was not able to join our dance.Carol was around too... My friendly amiga... Angela from Peru KARUTA... Japanese card games... we did enjoy this game! Best!
Sorry to Maika... mama Mel beat her to this gameSorry Precy... i got the most cards!^^ heheh!Kampai!!!SAME Shimizu staff and some teachers from Nihongo Kai Calligraphy contest was also held. International performances ... this one is from Indonesia... opppsss pix is blurred! Our group!
...with the Brazillian-Japanese kid who performed sambaOur dance turned out to be just fine... thanks to everyone's effort! ^^

Well... the event was really a success... it's a variety! Everything was well prepared and done. Love their souvenir album! Kudos to all and again... happy 20th anniversary to Shimizu Nihongo Kouryu no Kai... long live!

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