Friday, January 01, 2010


It's the last day of the year 2009... and I am thankful coz this year had been so good to me somehow... except! But still what matter most was that me and my family are safe, healthy and peaceful... same with my relatives and friends too^^

Well... I had a lunch date again with my family in eat-all-you-can restaurant... mean at Global Restaurant. Gosh... I don't wanna eat anymore... but I was forced to eat... sayang ang bayad ano?!
After lunch... we picked up mom in law at the short-stay center and we went back home together to prepare and spend New Year together.

At late night, as tradition at home, huds ordered Toshikoshi soba to be delivered at home... it's traditionally eaten here in Japan on New Year's eve symbolizing longevity.
When the ordered came about 9:00 pm... we called lola to her room to eat together... but we were alarmed to see lola not feeling well and she was sooo down and also vomiting. We calmed her down then we called an ambulance and accompanied her in the hospital. Doctors can't exactly find whats wrong with her except that maybe it's over-fatigue... ^^;
To recall it back... actually this is the 3rd consecutive years for lola to be rushed in hospital during eves... last year was Christmas eve... when she got injured. hmmm... too bad for her!
It's almost eve when we went back home together. We let lola rest soon... cleaned the mess and yes... since the Toshikoshi soba has not been touch yet... hubs, Sachan and I ate them under duress... hahah! It was soggy! Hontouni masukatta!!! hahah!

Happy New Year!

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