Monday, January 04, 2010

Nice to have relatives in Japan

At long last... I was able to meet today my niece Abigael with her hubs Miko and their mom who lives in Kikugawa. Abby just arrived here last November. My other niece Dang joined me to meet them with our friend Ysa and of course my family were around too. So, it turned out to be like a family reunion... heheh! Ohhh... yes... Sarah and uncle Jo... well, they both missed this gathering... heheh! ... and I am sure more adopted family of ours will protest for this ^^;
Another good coincidence is that my nieces and I are all living in the same prefecture^^
My daughter and nieces Cheers!
Our bondings!Miko and his mom are warm too! Abby, Miko and Ysa's order are not yet coming...heheh!
We had our dinner together in Tengu. It was a nice bonding... and hopefully to meet them again in the near future.
See you all again!!!

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