Sunday, January 03, 2010

Whatever... 'cant say NO! LOL!

Yesterday, I woke up almost noon time already coz I am not feeling very well. I actually woke up coz of those annoying phone calls and when I finally answered one of the phone calls... well it was my close friend Sarah... asking why I never answer their phone call. Then I said, I just woke up and I was surprised when Sarah told me that Liza was waiting outside our house already while she and Amie were on the way to pick me up and Sachan for our New Year's date... whaaat?!!! I never remember that I promised such thing... LOL!

Well... whatever... I remember it or not... feeling good or not... I need to go with them coz they are my very close friends, almost like family... and yes... I owe them a lot... heheh. In other words... I can't say NO!
So I panic... I was having lunch already with my family that time. I was just in my pajama too and there they are... heheh. Well, they patiently waited for me and Sachan down stairs and let us finished our things to do.

After an hour delay of our date... we decided to walk downtown.
Souvenir pix in Tokiwa Koen on the way to downtown

I was sooo shocked to see a very crowded atmosphere... everywhere I looked... it's people and people and people... hahah!

All the places we wanna go like bowlings, game centers, cinemas, shopping centers, restaurants and everything were crowded. We decided to go to restaurant first coz my friends were starving... my gosh... we lined up and waited about 30 minutes before we can enter the restaurant.

After that... we decided to go shopping... well, today is the starts of the New Year sales.. so no wonder why it's crowded. We went to Parco... and gosh we need to lined up even in escalators^^;

The truth is... I did not enjoy our shopping... it's too crowded and seeing a lot of people made me more sick! heheh! Felt like i want to throw-up... and somewhat like dizzy and cold.

I took taxi already with Sachan, Sarah and Yuta on the way home... and when I reached home... OMG... all I want is my bed to rest... I am so tired and soooo sick!

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