Monday, November 17, 2014

Fellowship camp in Saitama with JCOB

I joined the JCOB Family Camp 2014 which was held in Naguri Genki Plaza, Hanno City, Saitama.  It's a yearly event and it's my first time to join.  Take note ... it's a family camp but even i am single ... i was there! :P
Thanks be to God for the 2 days and 1 night fellowship camp this weekend... i really did enjoy it not only with my fellow JCOB Shizuoka but also with all our sisters and brothers from other parts of Japan.  Unfortunately, I missed my BFF sis Lolit from Saitama coz her younger sis from Nagoya was visiting her that weekend ... however, i still believe that we can see each other again some other time.  
Pastor Lem preaching

I love all the activities ... the seminars... camp fire ... church services ... devotions... our games which was not all about competitions but to play.  いろいろ勉強になりました! All the pastors and pastoras were good leaders as usual ... It's my first time to hear Pastor Lem and Pastor Jun's preaching ... yaaay i admire them ... they are good and they really moved me.    

camp fire

I don't know how many times my tears fall down through praise and worship songs ... and all the touching prayers.

My group ... House of passion group

Sayang... many friends with small kids missed the lecture regarding teaching children how to love God ... early childhood education is important...  the best period to teach them is from early age up to seven.  The foundations for their social skills, perception of the world, moral outlook and self-esteem are established during these period of years including the development of cognitive skills.

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