Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inspirational book of Haiku

Yaaay!!! i didn't know that my well respected friend, my Japanese big brother and boss-- Akira Mochizuki san is good in Haiku --- Japanese poetry.  
I was surprised when he visited me yesterday at work and gave me as a gift his new released book of Haiku collection 千笑-- Chiemi    
It's the 3rd edition of this book ... and with this edition, he also included some thoughts about Philippines history and values ... very inspirational and sensitive :) 
I understand now why he kept taking down notes even we were all busy working in the Philippines last month... this is what he was composing and working out! 

What surprised me more is that he is the editor of this book??? 
hahaha ... you are for real ...i salute you ... really so humble !!!  

This book is published by 千笑会.

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