Monday, November 17, 2014

PISTANG PINOY in Shizuoka City

フィリピンNAKAMA会は、静岡市でフィリピン·フェスティバル--- PISTANG PINOYを---開催します。 PISTANG PINOY はフィリピンの文化、音楽、芸術、取引、ゲーム、食品の一日壮大な祭典です。 PISTANG PINOY は、日本と国際社会にフィリピンの文化や伝統を披露する素晴らしいチャンスです。
我々の伝統的な祭りに、協力して下さい、そして、PISTANG PINOY を楽しんでください。

Maligayang Pagbati sa lahat!

For the first time, the Philippine NAKAMA Organization will be hosting the much-awaited Philippine Festival ---PISTANG PINOY ---  here in Shizuoka City.   PISTANG PINOY is a one day grand celebration of Filipino culture, music, arts, trades, games and food.  This is also a wonderful time to showcase Filipino culture and tradition to Japanese and international community in Shizuoka.  

This festivity is also our one way of expressing "thank you" to Shizuoka City, as well as in Japan in general for all their continued support to all the Filipino residents, students, trainees and workers.  Likewise, to all their support and generosity to Philippine's calamity victims like last year's super typhoon Yolanda.  

As Christian country, PISTANG PINOY is also a part of our early Christmas gift presentation to everyone.     

In behalf of the Philippine NAKAMA Organization headed by Ms. Belinda Palima, present President and Ms. Ana Margarita Teodoro, Pistang Pinoy Over-all-Coordinator, our sincere thanks to our major sponsor, SBI Remit and to all our other sponsors and donors, performers, volunteers and of course to our Philippine Embassy in making PISTANG PINOY in Shizuoka City a resounding success.

Mabuhay ang PISTANG PINOY!

Sincerely yours ... M. Yamashita, adviser

Philippine NAKAMA Organization's advisers and officers (2014-2017)

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