Friday, December 29, 2006

Preparations for the New Year!

It's freezing today! But wait... ilang tulog na lang and 2006's will be gone! I hate to say goodbye to year 2006 becoz I had so many good memories from it... but time passes by... and 2007's right there waiting for us ! So, I'll go ahead with hope to bring in moments of joy that will last forever !
So, go ahead friends... the New Year's right there waitin` for us with all new tempting promises. Let's grab it and let go of the past. This is our year – let's rock it!
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Ok... gonna go now, actually, I am not yet through making my NENGAJO or New Years card!
I finished all the layouts and addresses at the computer and now I need to print them all and write some personal messages...
Then tomorrow... I probably start my general cleaning in my house... yes... I need to becoz it's one of the New Year traditions here in Japan in order to purify the home and make it fresh for the coming year.
After lunch... I might drop by to Parche market with my family to buy some stuff for OSEICHI RYOURI-- special dishes for New Year!
It seems... I'll gonna spin like a top tomorrow! GANBARIMASU!

Lucky: Com'on... do your thing and don't disturb my's really freezing...

(photo by Sachan)

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