Thursday, December 28, 2006

Take Five- Philippines recording

For this year... it's my last day recording yesterday at FM-Hi! and SAME radio program, TAKE FIVE-- Philippines. I fade goodbye to year 2006 already with my co-emcees, Liza and Belinda... sad to say Chat didn't make it at the radio recording yesterday. Our program will proceed next year-- on January 10, Wednesday! Listen to it! If you can't listen to the radio... you can try to our voice blog, too! After the recording, we went to Karaoke for our BONENKAI. Chat arrived there with cutie cute Yu chan. Our friend--Reyma also joined us. To all the staff of Take Five, Philippines... and to our director, Yauchi kun... OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA... let's do our best again next year p(^-^)q YOI OTOSHI WO!

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