Wednesday, February 14, 2007

High School Musical

Disney Channel original movie

I watched this tv musical film of Disney Channel -- High School Musical-- for many times... the more I watch it, the more I love this film. This musical film is totally awesome! The plot was simple but it's very neat and clean. The choice of words and fashions were all modest. What amaze me most was the music... the songs were great and the dance choreography were brilliant! Kudos to their director Kenny Ortega. I've read he was the choreographer of this film... he really did a great job!

My family also loved this film. They actually dubbed it but still... we are waiting for the DVD that soon to be release here in Japan. Of course, my daughter did not miss to buy their best selling album-- the original soundtrack!

...and here's the film trivia especially for all my kababayan... the leading girl-- Vanessa Anne Hudgens has a Filipino blood! Yap... her mother is a Filipino, Chinese, Spanish descent and her father is an Irish and native American descent.

By the way... I also like her debut album... entitled "V" . I wonder if the CD is already out in the market here in Japan... ?! Wanna cheer for her... sana hindi s'ya mayabang!

I have also read about the sequel of this film -- the High School Musical 2 which is set for release this summer in America. Aside from that... on year 2008... High School Musical will be in big screen! The movie is entitled... Haunted High School Musical.

I hope the coming films will thrill and rock us again!!! o(^-^)o

Click for the site of the film: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

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