Sunday, February 25, 2007


OHISASHIBURI! I'm just around but can't find time to update this blog for various reasons. One of the reasons... is my terrible KAFUNSHOU (pollen allergy)! I hate this season of KAFUNSHOU... it drives me nuts (@_@)!
Anyway... here's some of my happy escapades with friends. Philippine NAKAMA group had SHIN NEN KAI (new year's gathering) last Feb 17th. This has nothing to do with Chinese New Year! It's just that our group held our first gathering for this year on February.
The gathering was held at Tambayan restaurant and it's "eat all you can" system! Of course... it's not for free but the price was reasonable... Y1,500 only! We enjoyed the foods... as much as we enjoyed Lilia's sexy dance! Lucky... her daughter wasn't around! LOL!
... now u see her ... now u don't?!! Hi Ana! Sorry for those who missed this group shot! For more photos... CLICK HERE

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