Thursday, February 08, 2007

A wonderful Valentine's greeting!

Yes... Valentine's Day is nearing! Here's the first Valentine's card I received with lots of pictures in it ... from my lovely nephew and niece in the Philippines... Emil and Kricel! (Of course... signed by mom!) I am so excited and happy about the pictures of the kids... 'lalaki na nila... and they are sooooo cute! Paano ba 'yan dumami na naman ang kahawig ko! (...for those who object... well folks... this is a free world... give me a break to flatter my self ... hehehe!!!)
Kids... thanks a lot to your thoughtfulness!↓

This is sweet and touching!↓

2 months old Kricel... the charming mouse!↓Kricel... the girl version of Emil! ...hey angel, what's up with your hair?! ↓

***Mama Mel: What's funny Kricel?

***Kricel: Kc po si Pooh... lumalaki na rin!↓

Emil with his living doll sister! ↓

Emil's Christmas 2006↓Hi Emil... advance happy 3rd birthday on Feb 11! Expect for my call! luv... ninang mama mel

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Mhwaah!


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