Saturday, February 03, 2007

Out with the evil and in with fortune!

Today, Japan is celebrating the SETSUBUN-- coming of spring! Traditionally... on the night of Setsubun, many families opens the doors and windows of their houses and do MAME MAKI or bean-throwing ceremony. They toss the beans outside and inside the house while chanting "oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi"-- out with the evil and in with fortune. Bean-throwing believes to purify the home by driving away the evil or bad spirits that bring misfortune and bad health in the family. To bring the good luck, it is a custom to eat roasted beans that corresponds to your age.

Major temples and shrines across Japan commonly performed Setsubun ritual. Huge crowds gather with wild chants of "oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi" while doing the MAME-MAKI.

Let's hope to start the spring with good fortune!

Every year, my family also do the ritual of Setsubun, the MAME MAKI... I remember when my daughter was a kid, her late grand pa used to wear this goblin mask and chase Sachan around while we throw beans to grand pa... Sachan was in mix feelings of crying becoz the goblin mask scared her and at the same time laughing becoz it's fun being chased!

Grand pa was not around anymore... but we visited his tomb this afternoon... did some offering and likewise... prayed for guidance of good fortune and blessings! Then tonight... we did the MAME-MAKI at home!  It was funny to see Lucky who was very delighted eating all the beans scattered around the house!  "Luckyはうち"! 'hope we all have good luck the whole year through!

p.s.: It's my brother Teddy's birthday today... Happy beer day brod! Nakikinita kong me hawak na naman kayong beer ng tropa mo tonight! Then later on... mukha ka ng goblins becoz of too much drink. Dapat ikaw ang binabato ng beans to drive away the bad spirit in you.... heheheh! Anyway... I visited to church today and I included you to my prayers. Maybe, our Lord above is already complaining coz... I am always asking too much! heheheh! Well... anyway... have a great day and God bless you! Mhwaaaaaaah!

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