Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day in Japan is unique!

Hello world! It's Valentine's day... so whaaat's up?! It's so sweet coz some friends and relatives sent me Valentine greetings! Iba na talaga ang generation ngayon. Noong araw, I used to received greetings thru Valentine's cards or phone calls ... now, by texts and emails na!
Mas lalong sweet pa rin kapag me natatanggap rin tayong roses or any Valentine gifts from our loved ones di ba?!
Well, the Valentine's day here in Japan is quite unique! They celebrate it on two dates. The Japanese girls are encouraged to express their love to the guys they like by giving chocolate on February 14th while guys return the favor to girls who gave them chocolate by giving cookies or other gifts on March 14th called White Day.
Actually, this gimmick started in 1958 as a marketing tool by chocolate companies in Japan and suddenly, the tradition was born!
Well... as for me, now-a-days, I don't think I give effort to this celebration... except I still buy something for my bosses, colleagues and students. That's what they called giri-choco or an obligatory chocolates! Take note: honmei or real choco are only given to loved ones!

But hey wait! Who says that Valentine's day in Japan is only devoted for men?! Well... I received some chocolates from friends... is that giri-choco (an obligatory chocolates)?

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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones!

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