Sunday, June 10, 2007

An event at Link Nishina

Today, our Philippine NAKAMA group performed folk dances at the event of Shizuoka Ryunan Culture Promotion. The event was held at the hall of Link Nishina in Sena.
Of course we had a great time and nice show! Just too bad that the bamboo sounds echoed to the library downstairs... so we need to cut our bamboo dance audience participation portion.
Anyway... in behalf of Phil NAKAMA group, we would like to thank Mr. Mochizuki and the rest of his group for the invitation and the good obento they prepared for us! Our group souvenir!
Maika... the Philippine NAKAMA's KANBAN MUSUME (poster girl) ?! She's really a terrific bamboo dancer kid... watch for her!
The main event scene Mr. Nakamura of Friendly Club with her wife. Thanks for watching our show!
Greetings to Maritess Tahara on her birthday on June 14th! See you all again soon... (^3^) mhwaaah!

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