Monday, June 25, 2007

Tribute to Yabe Oniisan

I came to know Oniisan Yabe through Sarah... maybe that was about 5 years ago... Within this past 3 years, I became more close to him as a friend and my oniisan. It was so disappointing that he was very choosy in foods he eats but I like him for being so kind, frank and hard working. I remember him being so cooperative and supportive to our Philippine NAKAMA group... so last year, we invited and inducted him as one of our members.
At Nagoya airport... on our trip to Philippines last August↓
It was just last summer when we went together for a vacation in the Philippines with Yuki and Liza. We went together at Sarah's place in Surigao... and yes... whenever they were in Manila...he stayed in our house together with Sarah and the kids. Those were some of our happy days! I didn't thought that was our first and last trip to Philippines together.
The last gathering he joined us at Ma-kun's bday party on June 3↓
(photo courtesy of Liza)
Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, he was attacked by acute stroke and I was saddened to learn that he passed away last Saturday afternoon at the young age of 48.
I feel sorry to Sarah and her kids for the great loss of their loving "otoosan". In behalf of my family and our friends... our sincere condolences.
After his funeral, Phil NAKAMA group visited to his home for a prayer and last respect↓

Rest in peace Oniisan... thanks for being so nice to us! We will miss you and we will not forget you!

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