Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Well... it's my birthday again! No matter how I tried to avoid it... it will surely come my way every year!
This is one thing good about birthdays... your families and friends make you feel special by giving or sending birthday gifts, greeting cards and e-mails!
Charaaan... here are some of the gifts I received this year...

My birthday almond roll cake from MaritessYummy leche plan from Precy!
Pretty elfin collection from AmieIt's a chime... an angel collection from Neri!Lovely flowers from Chat and Yu Gorgeous flowers from Yoshinaga sanElegant apron from Mrs. Uno and Mrs. SugitaMore thoughtful gifts from dear friendsSweet greetings from Emily and family! Thoughtful treat from Tabby... simple is best folks!
By the way... My heartful thanks to Belinda and Liza for catering some foods they shared to our last bday celebration at Precy's home last Sunday.
Well... to all of you guys who remembered my birthday... thank you with all my heart!
Opppsss... to those who want to catch up for my birthday... I am still open to accept your belated birthday gifts! (^3^)***
Take a deep breath, guys... for I’ll be back real soon !

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