Monday, July 02, 2007

A visit to Niigata City

I was in Niigata City since last Wednesday on my 6 days visits to my daughter. It 's been almost a month and a half since we last saw each other and I am relieved to know that she's fully grown-up in many ways! It was so surprising that she can keep her room clean and amusing to hear that she can cook hamburger already! uhmmm... good job p(^-^)q!
Last Friday, his father followed us in Niigata. He stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. We stayed together in Niigata Okura Hotel.
↓Birthday presents from Sachan♪We stroll every night after dinner.We lodged in this hotel.Mandai BridgeTanabata Festival in FurumachiMy wish for all!Our excellent dinner at Chinese Restaurant! Minato Pia--- Niigata City Historical Museum
The Main Building
The design of this building is based on the original specifications of the second Niigata City Hall , erected in 1909.
Some of the art exhibits Entrance to exhibition roomThe old traditional party dishes in Niigata Motoba settlement in autumnConstruction of laying Shinkawa's pipe under the Nishi river.Natures of NiigataSome stuff from foreign countries like Russia, Korea and China found at the seashores of Niigata The Niigata Earthquake infoFormer Daishi Bank, Sumiyoshi Branch, build in 1927Former Niigata Customs House, build in 1869.Bonded WarehouseFrom Mandai City crossing Mandai bridge back to hotelSeaside nearby Sachan's universityIn the university...... campusSachan's roomAt the hotel Souvenir furikura Sunset
Mama and Papa's present to Sachan!I'm ready to go home! JR's coffee... saiko! Thank's to soyjoy campaign promo... I got one for free! Hopefully... we'll gonna see each other again after 2 weeks in Tokyo.

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