Friday, July 20, 2007

A day of friendship in Shimada

Here we are again... at the TOMODACHI NO HI event in Shimada Dai Ni Elementary School. It's an international interaction! We are about 15 foreigners invited to join this school event.
Taiko da!
Shimada sensei was the one who invited us. We were ask to teach our native cultures and I was assigned to Grade 1 students... yappa... all they want is to play... so... jump kids, jump! ... we sing, dance and play... including the incharge sensei!Lunch time with the kids and my partner teacher Danny.School lunch for today!...with my partner teacher Danny from England. He'll be visiting the Philippines next week... so good luck and happy trip!... with friendly Rebecca from America!We had great time!Some of our messages on last year event!
This is my 3rd years to join the event together with Liza, Marites and Precy as Philippine NAKAMA's representatives.
We were asked this year to exhibit the Philippine bamboo dance... and would you believe... we performed at the center stage without any practice and the most shocking part was their provided bamboo... whaaa, it's too thick and heavy... but I'm glad... we had a nice team work and the performance was quite good inspite of some mess like when Precy's head was hit by bamboo while performing... hehehe!

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