Sunday, July 08, 2007

Unexpected Sched!! I just don't know how it happened. I thought I am free this Sunday... all of the sudden, my sched mixed up!
So ganito po yon... the Phil NAKAMA should be thankful to Oniisan Harada san, Nerissa's hubby for allowing us to use one of their rooms in their yard wherein we could put together the Phil NAKAMA's stuff like things we used in cooking, selling, costumes, props and so on. But there's a condition... we can use one of their rooms for free if we are going to clean-up the mess in it. Well... it wasn't a big deal... all we need is group cooperation! That's it... all of the sudden, we decided to clean-up the place and not knowing...I became one of the volunteers. Other volunteers who sacrificed their time and effort were Liza, Olivia, Maritess, Marissa, Aji and including Nerissa. To be honest... I wasn't able to clean the room. I only helped as volunteer's driver. I picked them up before noon at downtown and drove them to Hattori. For a while, I went back home to attend my unfinish business with my family and after an hour... I went back to Hattori... and everything was in order already... all I had to do is to say... OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!
After that... because Elizabeth was very much eager to invite us to her son's Rei kun bday gathering... from Nerissa's home, I picked them all and went to Elizabeth place in Shimokawahara to have lunch. It was a big help that oniisan Harada san came with us. Some of the members got a ride to his car.
Rei is 4 yrs old now! Omedetou!
Opppsss... Belinda was there. S'yempre di s'ya pahuhuli... not to mention that she's also a Shimokawahara Jin! We had a chance to meet some of our kababayan who are living in Shimokawahara. They're friendly and funny too. Alam n'yo naman ang mga Pinay... akarui (cheerful)di ba?!
Well, thanks to their wonderful hospitality... hope to see you all again girls... and yes... GOCHISOSAMA DESHITA!

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