Sunday, July 22, 2007

Time to celebrate!

Today... I attended the meeting and election of new officers for year 2007-2009 of Philippine NAKAMA Organization which was held in Gofukucho Building. Together with the event was the celebration of Uncle JO, Yu and Shinichi's birthdays.
Wooow! It's full of celebrations... so to all the birthday celebrants... happy birthday and best wishes to all of you... (^3^)mhwaaah! What a lively and excellent party you have. I personally enjoyed all the foods including my adobo (love your own huh! hehehe!) But seriously... all who shared home made foods were really terrific like Chat's leche plan, Neri's menudo and Belinda's sweets to name some.
The birthday kids... Shinichi and Yu with Maika and Nao hiding in the back!

The new Officers (2007-2009) of Philippine NAKAMA with some of the advisers ... CLICK HERE for MORE PHOTOS↓

... and yes, congrats to all our organization's new officers headed by Uncle Jo as our new coming President. Almost all of them were unanimously voted! Well... I think, we can really rely on them! All we need for most is to work together and enjoy the next generation of Phil NAKAMA.

They will be inducted together with the new members on the 6th anniversary of Phil NAKAMA on September 9 in Coupole Kaikan Shizuoka. Ahhh...haaah... another busy days to come! OTANOSHIMINI!
Liza as our present President on the other hand, will gonna join our rank as advicer. I won't say "welcome to the club " yet ... not up to September 9--- her last day term!

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