Friday, July 13, 2007

My blog is one year old!

Hello fellas! Fine? Great!
It has been a year since I made my first post! Sa totoo lang, writing this blog has been hard work, but it's been wonderful. Blogging is my online personal diary... largely to pass time, share experiences and interests through photos... and my outlet to express of my feelings and thoughts!
Personally, minsan kapag nababasa at nakikita ko ang previous posts ng photos ng mga dating happenings ko sa buhay... natutuwa rin ako... this blog reminds me everything from the past... and of course, this also inspire me to make up and move on better sa mga kapalpakan ko!
Sooo happy 1st anniversary to my blog ... (^3^) mhwaaah!!!
...and yeeh here's the deal... I will keep posting and you keep reading, viewing my pictures along the way and occasionally... leave a note (^-^)b ...kahit alam kung some buddies are complaining that they're getting hard time to post their comments in this blog! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Well... I'll promise to come back soon... chaoooooo!

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