Friday, July 13, 2007

Our OBON 2007

What's up with OBON? Well... it's an annual Buddish event here in Japan to honor the departed spirits of our loved ones. It is held every 13th to 15th of July but many regions in Japan still celebrate Obon on mid August according to their beliefs to the formally lunar calendar.
Japanese believe that their departed families spirits come back to their homes to be reunited with their family during obon.
We've been practising this traditional event every year for 4 years now... since giigi, my father- in- law gone.
It is also a part of the event to do omaeri or grave visiting. We offer flowers and osenko or incense. Every 11th of July, the obosan was sched to visit to our home to pray for the repose of giigi's soul.
Foods and flowers offering are made to butsudan or home altars. It's a tradition to hang a lantern in front of the house to guide giigi's spirit.
On the 13th, fires called mukaebi are lit at the entrances of homes to guide the departed families spirits to return home...
and on the 15th, fires called okuribi should also be lit at entrances of homes to send the departed families spirits.

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