Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ODAIBA, here we come!

Last Saturday morning, a strong typhoon named Man-yi from the main island of Kyushu passed to Shizuoka and headed to Tokyo... so no doubt that the bullet trains bound to Tokyo stopped to avoid any danger! Well... in other words, we can't travel to Tokyo by shinkansen as what our sched planned. We need to wait until the time it operates!
While waiting, we had our lunch at Mariko's branch Japanese restaurant in Asty.
Tororo (grated yam) lunch! My fav!Ayu... Sachan's fav!

After lunch, we moved on to the station, waited for a while and lucky us, after... maybe an hour... we did had the chance to rode Kodama bound to Tokyo. Then we went to ODAIBA and stayed in Hotel Nikko Tokyo!
Sachan at the lobby... OHISASHIBURI da yo!
Our room overlooking the Rainbow Bridge.
After checking in, we strolled around Odaiba vicinity. What an old familiar scenes! It's been some years since we used to visit this place. Those were the days when Sachan was a die hard fan of Arissa Mizuki. We used to visit Fuji TV especially those days of "Nurse no Shigoto", tv drama of Arissa.
So, we did not miss to dropped by in Fuji TV... hoping to discover something new... and oooh... they're having a summer event!
Exhibit stuffs
A night view of Fuji TV buildingStatue of Liberty in Odaiba... a present from France!Shopping in Aqua City... still on summer bargain campaign!Dinner time! Papie treat us to Red Lobsters... we're so satisfied to the yummy seafoods and the lovely view! Pirates of Caribbean... Johnny Depp is really cool even in wax image!My family!A view from our room... Rainbow Bridge at night...Rainbow Bridge at early morningOur morning Japanese breakfast... ...at Sakura Restaurant! Oishii katta yooo!What a view!
After our breakfast, we went back to our room at 11th floor... then suddenly the hotel started waving back and forth! Ohhh... that was an earthquake... very frightening! Soon, we turned on the tv and we saw later in the news that a magnitude 4 shock was felt in the Tokyo area while the worst thing was in Niigata, a magnitude of 6.8.
We're lucky that Sachan was with us but we were still worried about her classmates and friends in Niigata... so Sachan mailed to them soon. Thanks be to God... there's nothing to worry about in her area according to her classmates.
The worst part was in Kashiwazaki City. Hang tough Kashiwazaki jin!
Well then... if we were stranded from Shizuoka to Tokyo by train because of typhoon... Sachan was again stranded from Tokyo to Niigata because of earthquake! We tried to wait for Joetsu bullet train for Niigata but unfortunately... no service deshita! Even when Sachan had the chance to rode Max Toki... she was forced to go back to Tokyo because the shinkansen staff announced to passengers that they can't proceed to Niigata... blah...blah... blah! So, papie decided to take Sachan back home in Shizuoka and continue to travel back to Niigata, the next day on early morning.
Haaah! That was such a terrible and tiresome episode of our travel! But anyway... I'll take that as one of our memorable family travel.
Scene from Yurikamome train... on the way to Tokyo Station. I go gaga over this Mc Flurry!

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