Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fire Works Exhibition in Abe River 2007

Lucky it's a fine weather today! Just a right time for HANABI TAI KAI---fireworks exhibition. Well... this year, Liza, Sarah with Yuta and I went together to Abe River Fireworks Exhibition.
Later at the mid of the exhibition, uncle Jo and Belinda followed us. We were impressed that they found us in that crowded event!
The event was so cool...
and yah... thanks for the blue sheets na naiuwi namin from the viewer reserved area. Tinatapon na raw kasi ang mga blue sheets which they provided free for their viewers para maupuan... kaya heto naman kami... nakipulot naman para maiuwi sa Pinas. Belinda and Sarah said na sayang daw 'yon. Pwede nga namang mapakinabangan not only as a sheet or tolda kundi pang-cover sa mga sira ng bahay just in case of disasters like typhoon! Pinoy talaga... mahilig mamulot ... hehehe! So to my tatay... wait ka lang at me pasalubong ako sa 'yong isa! Promise!
After the event... we jammed together at home. Ahhh... tanoshikatta!

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