Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ma-kun 1st bday celebration

Time for celebration! Today is Masaru kun's 1st birthday... by the way, he is my friend Nerissa's 2nd son. Sooo, with Amie... we climb to Hatori to attend the party... well, don't expect for a children's party... it was actually a get together party of friends... or kababayan to be exact !
The cute mom and the cute celebrant
Wow... super sarap talaga ng mga handa... we're really full talaga! Pati mga take home foods... trully full ang lahat!
The work of friendship!

Ma-kun's family

Ma-kun's titas and titos! Take your time folks... marami 'yan!

Here are my families...

... sino pa... eh di ang NAKAMA pa rin!

Tita Mel and Ma-kun!

Happy birthday kid! (^3^) mhwaaah!

To Neri and hubs... Harada san... thanks a lot for the invitation. We really enjoy the foods as well as everybody's company... Mabuhay!

Hoping to see you all again on our next bday celebration... hey guys... that will be my bday gathering huh... i am going to open the upper Abe River for everyone! As I told you... it's a NAGASHI SOMEN party!

Watch out for our new DYESEBEL... starring Chat. She will really swim just to catch the somen! What? Who's the old Dyesebel? Sino pa eh di si Sarah po!!!

Gonna give you all a ring for more details of the party which is tentatively sched on June 24th... rain or shine... we'll gonna have a party !!! Chao for now!

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