Monday, May 18, 2009

Another day in Roppongi

I was in Roppongi again! Liza asked me to accompanied her in Philippine Embassy in Ropponggi, Tokyo for her passport processing today. This was supposed to be a very bright and fine day but not for Liza who dropped and lost her Y20,000 in Shizuoka Station! What a lucky day to someone who found it! ^-^;
Anyway... while Liza was busy processing her stuffs... I went walking alone along Roppongi roads until I reached out Roppongi Hills by chance. I took some pictures around then I went back to Phil Embassy, got some brochures at Tourism Department then had rest at the waiting area while waiting for Liza.
Maritess with collegue Carol surprised me by phone that they're in the Embassy too for passport renewal. I invited them with Liza in Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

Philippine Embassy

Roppongi Hills Hard Rock Cafe in RoppongiLiza and I had lunch in Hard Rock Cafe... ... with Maritess and Carol.After lunch, Liza went back again in Embassy for passport renewal interview. I was not supposed to enter the facility because I don't have any business with them... but I don't know how it happened... I just found out myself inside the passporting area joining Liza while waiting for her turn to be called for interview! LOL

We had a glass of macha latte in Tully's Roppongi Hills... chatting then went back peacefully in Shizuoka (^-^)v

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