Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enjoying GW within the City! (Part 3)

It's been raining since yesterday! HIMA DAAA!
Yesterday, Papie and I went to Shimizu Jusco. It has been more than 10 years since we last visited Shimizu Jusco. Well, I didn't see anything that impressed me. It's just like the hypermarket I know around Shizuoka City, except I guess ... for cheap prices and unlike before... there are more chain stores and restaurants now.
My heavy lunch!

Today, I spent my day watching Japanese comedy movies in Wowow Channel. I enjoyed The Magic Hour (ザ・マジック・アワ、Za Majikku Awa) 2008 comedy movie by Koki Mitani. It's pretty funny... talagang tumatawa akong mag-isa while watching this weird movie!

I also enjoyed this Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust (バブルへGO!!~タイムマシンはドラム式~ ,Baburu e go!! Taimu mashin wa doramu-shiki), a 2007 Japanese science fiction comedy film directed by Yasuo Baba. The plot centers on traveling in time from 2007 to 1990. Nag-time travel din pati memory ko bcoz I am already here in Japan during that year 1990. Marami pang pera that time ang Japan... hehehe!

Dang dropped by at home with uncle Jo and brought me and Lilibeth some of her home made foods like ginisang monggo, ginataan halo-halo and of course, champorado! Oishi katta~a!
Champorado DA~a!

We had our dinner tonight in Itoyokado... and here's an ad I found on the restaurant table... Mango dessert from Philippines! We ordered mango with yogurt coco... hmmm... well... there's nothing special on it! jejejeee!My dinner

Tomorrow... back to normal life... GW for us is over! Hope u enjoyed your vacation!

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