Saturday, May 02, 2009

Festival of Praise 2009

Thanks for the invitation of Uncle Jo and Dang to JOB (Jesus Our Banner) Numazu Event, the Festival of Praise 2009... I had a blessed day today! Papa accompanied me and Sarah to Numazu to attend the event. They're all having lunch when we reached Numazu Bunka Center! Wooow ang daming traditional foods! Kararating lamang namin... kainan na agad!
The event was attended by kababayans from different areas of Japan. It's nice to see familiar faces there like the group of JOB Shizuoka, Olive, Maritess and Pastor Abner.
I also overwhelmed to see my long lost close friend Lolit! She never change... s'ya pa rin yung ever thoughtful, cheerful and kind Olive ni Popeye ! Hehehe! Papa was glad to see her too! Natsukashi da mo~n! We're glad to see her lovely daughter too! They came all the way from Saitama. They had an adorable dance show... I am glad, hindi nagkalat si Lolit! jejejeee!
Lolit with daughter, Eva and me!
By the way... her sister Anabel from Nagoya did not made it to come... we really missed her!
I am happy to meet Carmie from Nagano in person! She's a friend from Friendster which Lolit introduced to me. She's sooo friendly!
I am also surpised to see Joy... aka Eva for now! She really changed... at least for the better!
The prayers, praises and worships were good and touching... they also had some variety of gospel entertainment!
The Shizuoka groupUncle jo and his group song number was the best! Nostalgic scene! I am very thankful to our dear Lord for making this event a bridge to meet Lolit with her daughter! Seeing her reminds us of our good old days... with Maryann, Cristy, Tet and even Lina and the rest of the groups. Kumusta na rin kaya sila? She's also a part of me and papa's relation! Hindi s'ya yung kirida... kundi kunsintidora... hahaha!
Hope to see you all again! Thanks for the wonderful and memorable day!

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